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- Increasing the effectiveness of the processes of quality management system and continuous movement towards continued improvement with the ultimate goal of improving company performance
- Commitment to observance Timing schedule and timely implementation of projects
- Increase the level of employer satisfaction
- Increasing profitability and enhancing corporate finance
- Establishing a capable, high-quality, efficient management and integrated services of onshore and offshore drilling services both inside and outside the country
- Development of infrastructure, software, facilities and technical equipment
- Establishing a proper structure for the construction and supply of equipment required in the country's oil and gas industries
- Entering new areas of drilling and technical services, as well as localization of knowledge and technology
- Promoting work ethic and common-interest relationships with stakeholders and social responsibility
- Issuing technical and engineering services abroad
- Activities in the field of information technology and startups of oil, gas and energy industries


Head office: Unit 10, 3rd Floor, No.13, 7th St., Khaled Islamboli (Vozara) St., Tehran, Iran
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