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Pump Lifting Products

Most of the major oil fields in Iran have come to the second half of their natural production life. For this reason, the amount of oil extraction from them has dropped considerably. The enhanced oil recovery refers to all processes which increase the extractable oil from oil reservoirs.Production and discharges from a reservoir occur at three stages of primary recovery, secondary recovery and tertiar recovery. In the primary recovery (Initial), the production occurs from the reservoir with the natural potential and pressure of the reservoir. The primary recovery involves the natural flow from the reservoir or production by Artificial lifting types.The artificial lifting is a method for increasing the production life of wells and, as one of the methods for increasing the recovery, reduces the minimum pressure at the bottom of the well for production and thereby increases the oil recovery rate from the reservoir.Correct selection of the artificial lifting for long-term operation of most injection wells are of great importance and inappropriate selection can lead to reduced production and increased operating costs.  The proper selection of the artificial lifting method based on the effective parameters in production, must be done according to reservoir conditions, well constraints,  fluid production properties and operating conditions.
The artificial lifting methods can be divided into two main groups, which include the following sub-groups:


By relying on the capabilities of experienced and expert human resources and with the cooperation of reputable Western, European and Asian manufacturers and obtaining the exclusive agency, the company intends to transfer technical know-how, design, supply, installation, maintenance, operation with warranty and after-sales services for a variety of pumping for customers and employers.







Pump Lifting Products

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